Woman holding a child, using a tap to collect water in a plastic bottle

Our Strategy 

Our Strategy 

Our Vision

A better world for every child.

Our Mission

We put children first. We inspire and engage supporters to raise funds, promote children’s voices and create lasting change for children. Our diverse, passionate, and determined team upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for children all over the world, including the UK.

Strategic Goals


Sustainably grow income to raise £650 million over the strategic period and find efficiencies so that we generate more pence in the pound for programmes for children.


Secure strong commitment to child rights both in the UK and internationally, as well as the return to allocating 0.7% of UK Gross National Income on international development.


Transform systems and services for children across health, education, sport and local communities that directly improve the outcomes and life chances of millions of children in the UK by 2026.


Have a highly effective, engaged, and diverse workforce that live our values and are supported to deliver their best work for children.

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On 1 March 2021 in Cameroon, a group of children pose for a photo at the playground of the primary school of Gado Badzere.


In order to achieve our mission and to ensure that our work has the greatest impact on the lives of children, we believe it is vital to be accountable – particularly to the supporters who fund our work.

We take the responsibility of using our supporters’ donations to the best effect seriously and aspire to the highest standards of good governance.

  • Learn more about our Accountability and Governance here and read associated reports

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In the UK

In 2022 supporters helped UNICEF UK raise £179.5 million to help build a better world for every child.

£69.9 million raised to support humanitarian emergencies for children in more than 50 countries.
UK supporters donated more than £55.7 million to support children and families affected by the war in Ukraine.
£7.6 million committed to protect and support child health.